Mini Bottom Filling Perfume Travel Portable Bottle 5ml

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Product Features

  • SIMPLY PUMP TO FILL:The mini perfume bottle refills in seconds directly from a standard perfume bottle. The innovative 'Pump to Fill' refill system perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or damaging exposure to air!
  • LUXURIOUS MIST:The incredible new High Definition spray head atomises fragrance into a luxurious mist that will surprise and delight you, even more so given the pocket size of the mini perfume bottle. You may well never use the original bottle to dispense fragrance again!
  • U-CHANGE SYSTEM COMPATIBLE:Makes the refillable inner perfume vial removable. Now you can change your fragrance in an instant. No cleaning, no need to run it empty!
  • CONTENTS WINDOW:An integrated window lets you see when it is full and what's left inside.
  • NO GLASS, AIRCRAFT APPROVED:Made from aircraft grade aluminum and totally free of glass, it is light, strong and aircraft approved for carry-on baggage.

Product Description

  • Product capacity:5 ml
  • Scope of application:It is mainly used to dispense perfumes of different fragrance types. It can also be filled with lotions, lotions, essential oils, various aqueous solutions, etc.

Product Use

  1. Remove your perfume bottle spray head
  2. Pump the bottom of refill bottle on top of our perfume bottle
  3. Done! Enjoy your mini spray bottle!

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