Patterned Roller Paint Tools NO.234

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    The painted house wall applicator works with our patterned paint roller, and you can choose the patterned roller that best suits your taste and paint the pattern you like.All you need are paint, a pattern roller tool of your choice, and you can  create beautiful patterned designs on your walls.

    Features & Benefits

    • MATERIAL: Paint roller is 100% pure rubber. Soft enough for easy handling.
    • Easy to clean with water (and a little soap) for future use.And easy to change if you want to revamp your color or design. 
    • Can not only be used on walls, but decorating your furniture or making patterned fabric and paper.
    • Suitable for both homeowners and renters who do not want to worry about damaging their walls with adhesives necessary for wallpaper or decals.
    • Four pattern roller designs to choose from you can select the patterned roller that best suits your taste and draw the pattern you like.

    Package Included

    • 1 x Painted House Wall Applicator
    • 1 x Patterned Roller Paint
    • 1 x Foam Applicator

    We choose best quality rubber, steel, and with our moldings we are able to bring you these advenced tools, designs and to turn this all into reality,.. we have just started!

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