The Most Creative Animal Earrings

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    This pair of earring stud is made of polymer clay and finished with a glaze. Earring backs are surgical steel earring posts. The earring post is embedded in the base for better durability. These are made for normally pierced ears.

    • Handmade Dino Stud Earrings! These fun and adorable Dinosaur earrings fit perfectly on your lobes
    • Another one of our best sellers, everyone love cute bunnies right  And his face is soooo adorable!
    • Black Cats have a deep meaning. Some people even believe they bring in Good Luck daily (as long as they do not cross your path lol). These earrings are perfect for the Halloween season so grab a few and share with friends.
    • The perfect fit for a pink outfit! Or to make fun of your boss. But shhhh...
    • Everyone love the Croc Earrings! Have them bite your lobes and you don't even have to open your mouth to say "BITE ME" to everyone around you!
    • Dogs are awsome at any occasion and they allways remind you of your own pet!?
    • Did you know that Sharks are the symbol of self-trust and authority  Use these and feel confident while you beat every challenge in life.
    • One of the cutest animals we can find in our yards and surroundings. Also a message for us to have more fun and take life less serious.


    • Handmade item
    • Materials: Polymer clay, glaze, Surgical steel earring post
    • Length: 0.98" (2.5cm long)