Roller Micro Needles 540 Needle Rollers For Body Skin Beauty Tool For Face

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Use Manual of Derma Roller

  • Clean your face thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel
  • Clean the head of the micro needle roller with Alcohol
  • Does not force the drema roller on your skin, Simply roll back and forth gently 4 to 8 times on each area
  • Wash the needle roller under hot running water and the dip in alcohol after each use and let air-dry.
  • This derma micro needle can be used repeatedly but is strictly for personal use,do not share with others
  • Safe and convenient for at home use massager tool.

Benefits of Derma Roller

  • Micro needle roller .25 for anti aging
  • Roller for face and body Skin enhancer
  • 540 micro needle roller for open pores and promote cell regeneration
  • 0.25mm micro needle roller for face skin rebuild and rejuvenate
  • Needle roller for battle hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth
  • Micro needle skin roller aid in reducing fine lines and small wrinkles
  • Skin care needle roller help flatten Non-keloidal marks and scars and improves the looks of abdominal and thighs stretch marks and loose skin, stimulate blood flow and repair
  • Micro needle effect reducing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, large and deep pores and acne ect.
  • High grade Roller to anyone dealing with eye bags,uneven skin surfaces, excessive pigmentation, uneven scars ,broken veins, scalp and skin tone

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